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17 Baby Shower Gifts That Mothers Actually Like

Baby shower could be a tricky thing to organise for friends who are not moms and have no clue what to buy. Here is a list of uber cool baby shower gifts that mothers actually like. We looked up the internet for what moms said they wanted and went through scores of baby registries to prepare this list of most amazing gift recommendations. Take a look!

1.Home Base for Bottles

A cute tiny garden for bottles to dry, this drying rack is a favorite for holding bottle parts and pieces, pacifiers, spoons and sippy cups to air dry. After washing, stick items into the “grass blades,” and water will drain down into the little tray. It’s easy to empty and clean in the sink. The sleek design adds a bit of zen to bottle-washing.

2. Pipes Bath Game

A fun game for bath time, pipes come in five shapes that can be used individually or put together to make a chain. They suction to the wall so the water goes back in the tub, not on the floor. A great way to get kids to get problem solving!

3. Teepee Play Gym

A really cool play gym, it transforms into a pretend teepee for fun from tiny to toddler! Includes hanging toys, mirrored mobile, and musical sound effects!

4. Sophie The Giraffee Teether

Probably the world’s most loved teether. This giraffe teether, handmade in France, has been around since 1961. It is made of 100-percent natural rubber, with food-grade paint, every part is perfect for grabbing, chewing and squeaking. Plus, the contrasting spots give visual stimulation a boost.

5. Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toys

Another unique bath gift tiny jellyfish with suction cup tentacles to stick to all sorts of stuff like the tub and even each other so they can be formed into cool shapes and structures. The coolest way to introduce ocean creatures to a child!

6. Little Feminist Board Book Set

Perfect baby shower gift for the feminist mommies who want to introduce their baby to important women in history. Full of colorful illustrated portraits of real women. The Board Book Set includes 4 mini board books (Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, and Activists.)

7. Moby Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser

Finding just the right cup for bath time can be trickier than it sounds—you want something large enough to get the job done, but you also don’t want to overwhelm baby with too much water at one time. Enter this whale rinse cup, which is just as adorable as it is functional. It features a soft, flexible lip that rests against baby’s forehead to prevent getting water in the eyes, and uses interior “fins” to channel the water for an even pour. It even stands up on its tail for easy storage.

8. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

This super-safe, super-adorable silicone teether is just right for tiny hands and sore gums. Loved by babies and parents alike, it’s made from 100% food-grade silicone, making it soft, bendable and completely safe. It’s dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to keep clean, and can even be popped in the fridge or the freezer to provide your little one with extra comfort during particularly rough teething spells.

9. Superfood Teething Toy

Babies will take to these soft, chewy versions of broccoli, kale, and avocado made from 100% natural latex, perfect for soothing the ache of teething. Made in Morocco.

10. Glow In The Dark Puzzle

Unicorns, dinosaurs, fairies, rainforests – make puzzles of magical places and creatures that glow in the dark! After you put together 100 pieces of unicorn fun, turn out the lights to see the puzzle glow! This may be a gift for toddlers, but a perfect present that they will fondly remember you for!

11. Little Scientist

Mudpuppy’s Little Scientist Board Book Set is comprised of colorfully illustrated portraits of scientists, physicists, astronomers, chemists who have made a historical impact on the world. Illustrations introduce children to these important people in history with images that are fun for youngsters and also realistic. The Board Book Set includes 4 mini board books, 8 chunky pages per book, packaged in a slipcase box.

12. Boppy Nursing Pillow & Positioner

Bending over to nurse your baby hurts your back after awhile, but lifting your child up to your breast makes your arms burn. The mommy will love you for this c-shaped pillow that wraps around her waist to lift the baby up and provide a comfy resting spot while nursing. Other use cases include sitting time, propping and tummy time for babies.

13. The Changing Table Staple

The high, curved walls and safety belt on on this changing pad keep your little one in place. This pad fits practically every changing table. The waterproof vinyl can easily be wiped clean.

14.Diaper Bags

A stape for new parents, diaper bags is one of the most used baby shower gifts ever. Functional, useful and a big help, this is a great gift to give. It has insulated pockets for milk bottles, changing pad, laptop pockets and stroller hooks.

15. Swaddle Sack

So what if you can’t master a swaddle? These soft, lightweight wrap arounds keep your baby snug and protected. Made with 100% cotton fabric, double knit construction is soft and a little stretchy, perfect for swaddling.

16. Waterproof Bibs

Now you can finally save time, with the most convenient and practical baby feeding bib. These stunning silicone bibs feature a wide, stay-open front pocket that will save your child’s clothes from stains, drips and messy accidents easily! The silicone used is 100% waterproof, food-grade and stain-resistant, so you can rest assured that your cute bibs will not absorb any water or food!

17. For the Mommy

Moms need all the help and support they can get in the pregnancy and afterwards. These thoughtful gifts will make her life so much better and take a load of stress off her head.
1. Full cover nursing shirt so that she can feed the baby whenever, wherever.
2. Breastfeeding Starter Kit to help her through the tedious process of starting pumping breast milk. Especially helpful for working moms.
3. Breast Pads for those days when soreness and inflammation are making her life extremely uncomfortable.
4. Amazon gift cards to help the new parents get through when their expenses reach a new high

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