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3 Healthy Green Plantains Recipes

Green plantains or unripe bananas are a great source of resistant starch. Resistant starch is potential superfood that adds fiber to your meals helping improve digestion and gut health to build immunity. Here are some simple, healthy recipes you can easily make at home

1. Smashed Plantain Sandwich (Jibarito)

green plantain sandwich jibarito

In Chicago, a jibarito is a unique and original sandwich created by originally by Puerto Rican immigrants. What makes this sandwich unique is the replacement of bread with smashed, fried plantains. It’s brilliantly delicious and you can add any of your favorite sandwich fixings. This recipe features roast beef topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a spiced mayonnaise. You can make these full-sized and enjoy them as a meal or cut the plantains down and build them into small party sandwiches. Here is the full recipe

2. Garlic-Flavored Mashed Plantains (Mofongo)

mashed green plantain mofongo

Mofongo is an extremely tasty and filling dish made with plantains: fried, mashed with garlic, shaped into a ball and served in a mortar or deep bowl.

Classic mofongo is made with fried pork rind and can also be made with chicken or garlic prawn– all served with a garlicky broth to moisten the plantain and bring out the flavor. It can be eaten for lunch or supper and is also a popular snack for late-night revelers. Here is the full recipe

3. Plantain Lagana

plantain lasagna 

Plantains Lasagna aka Pastelon is a Latin- Style lasagna that is a combination of sweet and savory, with spiced beef, sandwiched in layers of plantains, and topped with cheese and or eggs. It is carb-free alternative to the italian favorite. Here is the full recipe