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Is the internet keeping you from losing weight? 3 things you should NOT do when on a diet

We bet watching all those food videos are making you drool halfway through your workday. Tempting right?

But you may be trying to lose some of that extra weight and attempting the popular intermittent fasting or a Keto diet. Here are 3 things you should totally avoid when on a diet, which will melt your resolve before you even know it.

1. Don’t watch food videos or photos

#foodporn #foodgasm – social media is replete with a plethora of food pictures that make you drool. Ever felt like you were hungrier after watching a video or an image of this amazing chocolate brownie or maybe a cheesy molten grill sandwich? A 2012 study, found that just looking at pictures of food may be enough to cause an uptick in ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger. If you’re fasting or trying to eat less, the first thing to to do is to stay off social media! Want to test yourself? Here’s a video to make the point!

2. Stay away from cooking smells

As you walk past a bakery or a restaurant, you will find yourself surrounded by delicious wafting smells. Sometimes these smells are engineered to make you hungry and sometime food smells just naturally draw you towards them. If you are fasting, its safe to stay away from restaurants.

3. Don’t eat or see sugary foods

Hedonic hunger is a powerful desire for food even when you’re not hungry and your stomach is full but our brain is still ravenous. Experts argue that hedonic hunger is one of the primary contributors to surging obesity rates

Research has shown that the brain begins responding to fatty and sugary foods even before they enter our mouth. Merely seeing a desirable item like a buttercream muffin, excites us. Sugary foods are also known to cause more hunger. In some cultures, a second or third course is of a sweetmeat, so that you are hungry enough for the rest of the meals!

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  1. Very helpful article. I have been attempting to fast, but always get distracted. Great tips!

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